Synaesthesia to Affect Millions

Quayola & Sinigaglia Quayola & Sinigaglia Quayola & Sinigaglia

What? You haven’t heard of synaesthesia? Well neither had I before stumbling across the subject for today’s post. According to, “synaesthesia” is defined as “The subjective sensation of a sense other than the one being stimulated.

For example, a sound may evoke sensations of colour.” Sounds awesome. As a huge live music fan, count me fucking in. Sometime this summer, composer Nick Ryan will create a visual synaesthetic experience for the London Contemporary Orchestra with visual artists Quayola & Sinigaglia—generating what looks to be a psychedelic amalgamation of bright color, pliable shapes and calming wave-like movements. A sense of utter relaxation is already consuming me. Success.

If any of you ANOI.SE readers end up experiencing the work of Mr. Ryan or Q&S, please let me know—want to share your experience here on the blog.

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