Band Encourages MP3 Sharing by Tracking Song’s Journey

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Australian band Brightly has designed its website to also serve as a web app with the unique ability to track how fans share the band’s music. Entitled, The Beginnings and Endings Project (named after Brightly’s new album), visitors to can download the band’s single along with a special code that they can then share with friends. Once 10 friends download the single by using this code, you are rewarded with the band’s complete album.

What’s even more unique is your ability to track the spread of your shared code through the Beginnings and Endings map of the world. It’s here that you can see the true effect of a song going viral.

I just signed up—if you want to help me with the experiment and download a free copy of Brightly’s “Preflight Nerves” through my code, 2kB, click right here:

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One response to “Band Encourages MP3 Sharing by Tracking Song’s Journey”

  1. Very cool, too bad the song doesnt live up to the same standard.

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