This Is How Concerts Should Be Recorded

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“INSANE!” was my initial thought and gut reaction to “Hello, Again”, the interactive 360-degree concert experience that BECK and Chris Milk have created as a tribute to David Bowie’s track, “Sound and Vision.” Utilizing a number of 360 cameras and innovative technology, “Hello, Again” allows the viewer to select from multiple camera positions and then gives him/her free reign to manipulate their POV and experience the show from almost any angle.

You can choose to watch from the audience, or get right up onstage and join Beck as he performs. I absolutely LOVE THIS aspect—and I’ve never seen it pulled off in such a way before. Who doesn’t want to join a band onstage and share an experience/perspective that only a few ever have access to? Can someone please record this year’s Coachella performances this way?!!!

For those of you who have webcams, there’s some interesting face-tracking technology incorporated into the experience that helps to control your POV.

Check out for the full immersive experience (it did take me a bit of time to download, but it was worth it) and also check out Wired for an interesting recap of the project’s genesis.


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  1. Could this be the next big phase of filmed concerts?

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