Welcome to the first edition of the RÖKRIOT REPORT—a digestible summary and pre-wrapped pack of branding inspiration that will provide some insights as to what bands are doing to stand out and connect with their fans.

Culled from RÖKRIOT posts in January, the following five bands found unique ways to enhance relationships with fans:


FAT BOYS  Project: “Fat Boys”  Product: Special Edition Vinyl  Reason It Resonates: Themed Packaging

Whether or not you’re familiar with the 80’s rap icons, you can still appreciate the fun concept of a pizza picture disc and accompanying pizza box—for the uninitiated, it’s a not much of a leap to connect a band who calls themselves Fat Boys with a rather carb-rich foodstuff. For Fat Boys fans, the playful nature of the packaging, its tribute to the original album’s theme and unique presentation really fits well with the Fat Boys story and legacy.

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JETS OVERHEAD  Project: “What You Really Want”  Product: Music Video  Reason It Resonates: Fan Involvement

Canadian rock act Jets Overhead looked to their fans to help provide emotional content for their newest music video, “What You Really Want.” All bands have messages to convey, but in offering fans the stage, there’s a unique opportunity to flip the paradigm and garner some attention. Providing a platform for the audience to share their hopes, dreams and fears, allows for a much deeper relationship between band and fan.

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DEATH GRIPS  Project: “Come Up And Get Me”  Product: Music Video  Reason It Resonates: Deepens the Mystery

The thrill of being a fan of punk/hardcore/rap hybrid Death Grips is in not knowing what the band will do next (just ask their former label). Unpredictability makes life effing exciting, and with Death Grips, there’s no template for music videos, songwriting, album releases, or dealing with your record label. The extended music video, “Come Up And Get Me” is successful due to what it doesn’t say—its non-linear collection of thoughts and images isn’t meant to convey a pre-packaged story, instead, it functions as a rough outline, establishing bits of plot meant to be openly interpreted by the viewer. A bit of ambiguity can go a long way.

UPDATE: As of this post, “Come Up And Get Me” has been yanked from the interwebs, most likely residing on a server next to last year’s band-leaked edition of “No Love Deep Webb.”

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PROTEST THE HERO  Project: Indiegogo Fundraiser  Product: Donation Perks  Reason It Resonates: Fan Engagement

In keeping with the fundraising trend of many label-free artists, Protest The Hero have turned to IndieGoGo to finance their next album. As with many of these campaigns, a series of perks must be traded for fan investments and donations. These perks typically feature the obligatory digital download, t-shirt or special edition vinyl, but Protest The Hero’s perks stood out thanks to a number of engaging (and just plain fun) options, which include handwritten postcards from the band, special merch passes, an invite to a band pizza party, and an offer for fans to perform on the next album.

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SIVU  Project: “Better Man Than He”  Product: Music Video  Reason It Resonates: Unconventional Video Production

With “Better Man Than He” UK singer/songwriter sivu devised a very simple plan to stand out—he wanted unconventional cameras to establish a unique look for his new music video. Sivu’s desire to shake things up led him to use a medical imaging technique called MRI to generate a visual style for “Better Man Than He” that rejects the traditional music video aesthetic. The resulting video is both distinctive and memorable.

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