Some bands just “get it” from the very start—they project a style and persona (both onstage and off) that immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more. After seeing the above promo video from LA’s PLaNETS, I was more than interested in visiting the world(s) from which they came.

From the looks (and sounds) of it, PLaNETS is an intergalactic collective of musicians, artists and creatives who emphasize live performance and have created a multi-sensory experience that is truly compelling because it is so engaging. From the haunting psychedelic sounds of the band’s music, to the cast of characters and multi-media presentations that define their live shows, PLaNETS know how to tell a story—and that’s what makes for a powerful and memorable experience.

Below is the track, “Scared Coyote,” (free download) off of PLaNETS’ forthcoming album, TheDarkWoods (available Oct. 16th). I highly recommend a visit to the PLaNETS by heading over to More live performance footage and an entertaining bit of monologue from Father Time over here.

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