The Hunt For Matryoshka – Fall Edition – starts TOMORROW!

You may remember a personal post from a few months back—the release of “What Are The Odds,” an interactive iPad book (still available on iTunes for the price of FREE) that I designed and published along with Roman Roze, the lead singer and founder of Los Angeles’ alt/dub/folk band, UBYK.

“What Are The Odds” served as the launchpad for a series of scavenger hunts entitled, “The Hunt For Matryoshka.” Designed to span the course of a year and contain four phases (a new Hunt launches and the start of each season), “The Hunt For Matryoshka” is an attempt to introduce more people to the band, a way to help UBYK build its brand, and a testing lab for concepts that may inspire more fan engagement.

Tomorrow will see the kick-off of phase 2 of the Hunt (Fall 2012) and finds us connecting with businesses based in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles—UBYK’s neighborhood and birthplace. The fall Hunt centers on six different Echo Park businesses: Fix Coffee, Blue Collar Working Dog, Red Hill restaurant, The Fretted Frog, City Sip LA and Two Boots Pizza. Each business will have a Matryoshka (better known as the classic Russian nesting doll) hidden inside its store/shop/restaurant—the first people to find the doll at each location will win a reward donated by that particular business.

Fliers containing the maps and list of prizes (sample above—every flier cover was stenciled with the UBYK logo in either gold or red) were distributed a few weeks ago, but they also exist online at—click here to get all of the details before tomorrow’s launch.

Why Matryoshkas? How do they share more of the UBYK story? The Russian nesting dolls really help to define UBYK because 1) “Matryoshka” was the title of the band’s first independent release and 2) it reflects Mr. Roze’s Russian heritage. The dolls serve as both a unique element to base the scavenger hunt on, and a fitting introduction to the band.


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