Neil HD

Neil Diamond? Yes, I’m posting about Neil Diamond. Not typical RökRiot fare, but I’m most intrigued by what his new iPad/iPhone app is offering. Successful artist apps rise to the top by sharing more of a musician’s story, allowing you to dive a little deeper into their history and persona, it’s what designers, marketers and advertisers refer to as “branding”—a method for allowing fans a deeper connection with their favorite bands.

“Neil Diamond HD” tells stories on multiple levels – there’s Neil’s “Behind the Music” commentary that shares personal thoughts on his most popular songs, a virtual wardrobe case full of Neil’s most memorable stage costumes, a timeline of Neil’s life and career, and a library of every concert tour book that Neil has ever released (separate in-app purchase). All really cool extras that, together, deliver an extensive artist history and share a detailed story many fans will no doubt connect with.

Neil Diamond HD currently sells for $4.99 on iTunes.

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