White Doves

Canadian rock act Young Empires has recently released an interactive music video for their song “White Doves” that creates a very personal experience for the viewer. Best viewed by connecting through Facebook and entering the name of a friend (yes, I was skeptical too—but it’s worth it), the video incorporates photos from your friend’s Facebook page into its imagery and story line—in a very believable and realistic way.

I was surprised by how seamlessly the images culled from Facebook were integrated into the video—the technology used here makes the photos look original to the film, which on its own, is an impressive combination of directing, story telling and technology.

And, oh yeah, there’s also some great music to go along with it—”White Doves” is a solid track—check out more from the band at YoungEmpires.com.

Find the video (interactive and non-interactive) at whitedoves.me.

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