Datathrash is not your average label. Its catalog is exclusively dedicated to 8-bit hardcore Punk. Wait! Eight-bit hardcore!?  To me, these synthesized musical stylings lack the blood-broiling warmth of a Marshall cranked to 11, but I can’t help to be fascinated and in awe of the alternate musical world that chip music and Datathrash render.

The aggression is still (thankfully) conveyed, but delivered in a pure digital form that oddly grows on you in an most haunting manner. I don’t want to believe that the same electronic components once responsible for the innocent visual candy of Donkey Kong, Pitfall and Joust are now cranking out the emotional equivalent of what I receive from the latest All Pigs Must Die or Goes Cube album—songs created by six-string instruments and drum kits—but alas, it is true.

Over the past few weeks, the Creator’s Project has been profiling the label with a series of insightful interviews about the fathers of chipcore. Be sure to visit Datathrash and its creator, Arnie Holder, at

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