Roadtrip Mixtape

The Roadtrip Mixtape app is exactly what you think it is—a soundtrack generator for your road-based travels, but it populates custom playlists in a fresh and innovative way—with bands and musicians who hail from the towns and cities along your route.

Roadtrip Mixtape was created by Paul Lamere, Director of Developer Platform for music intelligence company, Echo Nest. The official instructions read:

“To create a playlist, type your starting and ending cities for your roadtrip. The app will use Google’s directions to plan the best route between the two cities. The route will then be broken into 15 minute playlist legs. Each playlist leg is populated by 15 minutes worth of music by nearby artists.”

Such a great concept. And it’s going to get even better, as the mobile version of RM is currently in the works. Check out the original Roadtrip Mixtape by clicking here.

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