Greenpot Bluepot

Hardformat recently profiled a very unique handmade release entitled, Ascend at the Dead End, from NYC artist Greenpot Bluepot, who states: “Based on her own divination system, the packaging combines augural visions, infusions of supramundane relics, and personalized poetic messages.”

OK, you’ve piqued my interest.

Digging a bit deeper, the Ascend packaging details get even more compelling, as the album features hand drawn artwork sewn into a “fragrant silk pouch,” a “brooch made of silk, netting and cotton and pages from a Philip K. Dick novel” and a “Unique handwritten divination composed by the artist using tarot algorithms specifically for the individual who opens it, carefully stitched into a silk veil.”

More images and details available over at Ascend at the Dead End can be purchased here.

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