Gig Poster Giveaway – Day 4 of 5

Since last week, we’ve been celebrating RökRiot’s second year of life with poster giveaways from some of the very talented individuals whom you’ve seen profiled here on the blog. We celebrate day four today with a Dum Dum Girls gig poster from none other than Maryland’s own El Jefe Design.

Want a chance to win? There are three simple ways to enter the giveaway—just complete one of the following: 1) copy and tweet: “Yes, @rokriot, please consider me for the 2012 Gig Poster Giveaway!” or 2) tag RökRiot to your Facebook page with the following: “Yes @rokriot, I want a chance to win a gig poster in this year’s giveaway!” or 3) comment on a RökRiot post dated from 6/11 – 6/19/12.

You’ll have to enter each day for a chance to win the poster profiled that particular day, and you’ll be contacted by Wednesday (6/20) if you have won anything. Posters should ship by this weekend.


One response to “Gig Poster Giveaway – Day 4 of 5”

  1. This reminds me of the painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper…just a bit. Nice!

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