RokRiot’s 2012 Gig Poster Giveaway starts TODAY

June 2012 marks RökRiot’s 2nd birthday, but it’s you, the loyal RR supporter, who shall be showered with gifts. Starting today and running through next Tuesday (6/19—the actual day RökRiot was birthed relatively pain-free), a poster a day shall be given away. The five posters curated are from some of RökRiot’s favorite designer/illustrators, including work from Reedicus, Invisible Creature and Furturtle, just to name a few.

So to answer your burning question of “How do I enter to win a poster?”, I have three simple answers for you—just complete one of the following: 1) copy and tweet: “Yes, @rokriot, please consider me for the 2012 Gig Poster Giveaway!” or 2) tag RökRiot to your Facebook page with the following: “Yes @rokriot, I want a chance to win a gig poster in this year’s giveaway!” or 3) comment on a RökRiot post dated from 6/11 – 6/19/12.

That’s it! Easy sheezy.

You’ll have to enter each day for a chance to win the poster giveaway for that particular day, and you’ll be contacted by next Wednesday (6/20) if you have won anything. Posters should ship by next weekend.

Now let’s get to it—above is today’s giveaway—a brilliantly colorful Mute Math gig poster from designer and screen printer Brian Reed, otherwise known as Reedicus.

Good luck!


One response to “RokRiot’s 2012 Gig Poster Giveaway starts TODAY”

  1. Love the color palette!

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