Online music magazine, Pitchfork, has just launched a program/website called Soundplay that integrates music and gaming in a refreshing new way. Pitchfork sums it up best, saying they have “…commissioned some of the most innovative game developers working today to create new, original games inspired by songs we love. These games don’t just use music as a soundtrack; their scenes, characters, and settings are all driven by the song.”

After spending time with both games, I have to say they are correct—the music is tightly woven throughout the gameplay and serves to enrich the story and behavior of the games’ characters. Currently, there are two games available to play online—the M83-inspired, “We Were You” based on the track, “Intro” from M83’s latest album, Hurry Up we’re Dreaming and the Mathew Dear-inspired “Street Song,” based on the track of the same name. Three more games will be released in July.

Learn much more from Pitchfork.

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