Thanks to web designer Janis Verzemnieks, Estonia is now on my radar as an exporter of fresh new music. Just a few days ago, I was introduced to Janis’ work for Estonian progressive rock act, BecomingAPoet. pays tribute to the days of CD booklets and record players, providing a scrollable collection of the band’s lyrics, and a disc that comes alive and begins to spin once a track is played. Janis has also developed an interesting visual solution to track a song’s length—a yellow disc that is slowly eaten away as a song progresses.

Combine Janis’ design elements with some great illustration work from Johan Lindblom and the progressive sounds of BecomingAPoet, and you have a simple, but very engaging web experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital release.

Janis works as part of the Latvian design collective JVeart which works with many bands throughout Europe.

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