Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen is a designer/musician from Denmark who has recently taken album art to a new level by applying his designs directly to a vinyl disc. Michael’s simple, line-drawn illustrations come to life when played on a traditional record player and lit by strobe lighting. As you can see in the video above, both sides of the record created for composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s new release have completely different designs, and thus, serve as completely different visual experiences—one side of the disc, entitled “Crystal Tapestry,” features animations of merging crystals, while the opposing side, “Waves” features calming waves of dots.

The use of spinning vinyl discs to deliver lo-fi animations is quite exciting amid the current resurgence of vinyl, and is being embraced by a number of artists, in fact, if you like what you see above, you should also check out what filmmakers like Theodore Ushev are doing.


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  1. Angie García Avatar
    Angie García

    I found it amazing…really original.

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