Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Transverse Temporal Gyrus was previously an immersive installation at the Guggenheim Museum featuring the music of Animal Collective and hypnotic visuals by artist Danny Perez. To coincide with a recent vinyl release that features the music of Transverse, sound engineer and musician Stephan Moore has created an online experience that gives fans a taste of what they may have missed at the Guggenheim.

Once you have downloaded the audio, and pointed your browser towards myanimalhome, simple scrolling allows the site’s visuals to come alive, escorting the viewer into a tunnel headed towards infinite space and filled with with a field of stars, abstract art, and visuals from another dimension. While this may not replace the 36-speaker experience once available at the museum installation, it is an excellent marriage of sight and sound.

More details and interviews over at The Creator’s Project.

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