A Record Store Day Vacation

For the handful of you who may not already know, Record Store Day arrives tomorrow—a day you should no doubt spend supporting your local record shop. Participating stores will be carrying an array of special vinyl and CD releases along with promotional products that will turn you into an instant collector.

In order to amp up for this year’s RSD, I made a pilgrimmage to one of LA’s premier record shops, Vacation Vinyl. Located in Silverlake, Vacation reminds me of the record stores that existed back when we had record stores—there’s a heady selection of vinyl on display, no shortage of special edition releases and rarities, and someone behind the counter who actually gives a damn. In my case, the guy giving a damn was Pete—Vacation’s manager/buyer. After spending no more than two minutes talking with Pete, I also discovered he is very knowledgeable and passionate about music (in fact, he’s a real-life musician). Take that, faceless digital download sites of the interwebs!

I then had an opportunity to take a few pics of tomorrow’s special releases (all of which Vacation will be selling – above is a Ryan Adams 7″ colored vinyl that features two Bob Mould covers):

ABOVE: Botch, An Anthology of Dead Ends, 180g vinyl, released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the band’s final show.

ABOVE: Death Grips, The Money Store. An “RSD first” release. Recently signed to Epic. Amazing band.

ABOVE: Tomahawk, Eponymous to Anonymous. All praise Mike Patton. Vinyl reissues of Tomahawk’s first three albums. Sadly, my reflection is not included.

ABOVE: Fellow designerds take notice! Vacation Vinyl features signage with hand-rendered type!

ABOVE: more Vacation vinyl.

Vacation Vinyl is located at 3815 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90026. Record Store Day is located at fine record shops almost everywhere.

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