Figure is a new electronic music production app that is an absolute blast to play with. The app was developed by Propellerhead, a company famous for a software product called Reason that acts as a virtual effects rack for music creation and recording. My experience with electronic music is somewhat limited, but I was engrossed by the beautifully designed app the minute I downloaded it. It’s easy to use and offers a rich set of controls to get the sounds you want. Ultimately, Figure is just fun to play with. Period. You can be up and running with a basic beat in a matter of seconds and then begin to add complexity by layering additional textures and sounds with what seems like an infinite amount of tweaks and manipulations. The app is set up for those amateurs who just want to jump right into music creation – no manual or tutorials required, just your willingness to experiment.

To really understand how intuitive and beautiful the UI operates, spend the .99 cents and check it out for yourself. If you’re still not sure, watch the video above to get a detailed overview.

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