Young Magic

Young Magic likes to share. The psychedelic/electronic collective has recently released Melt, a new album that has an accompanying webzine complete with liner notes and photography that documents their musical and spiritual journey through their album. The webzine is entitled Drift and exists as a “Track-by-track making of Melt”—think of it as a gloriously lo-fi, digital DIY tribute to vinyl album liner notes that do an impressive job of conveying the band’s personality, heritage and musical influences. The insight that Drift shares does an excellent job of connecting the listener to the music, and the music to the musician, allowing a deeper understanding of Melt.

Young Magic have also released a limited mixtape called Maps that actually comes in the form of a cassette tape, it’s hand numbered, and wrapped in pages pulled from National Geographic magazines.

More information and album streams are available over at Self Titled. The online center of the Young Magic universe exists here.

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