Project Paperclip

Mixing a mobile app, QR codes, music and stunning photography, Portuguese photographer Nuno Serrão has created the first photographic exhibition that incorporates reactive soundscapes. The concept here is to intensify the viewing of photography by making it a multisensory experience through audio enhancements. Nuno’s site, Project Paperclip, explains the intricacies best:

“The experience is unique each time it is activated as the app’s algorithm utilizes real-time processing of variables from the visitors location, such as: the time of day, the level of noise that exists in the room, your voice, the movement and localization of the user, amongst many others.

The concept of Augmented Reality, utilizes a digital interface to permit the creation of a bridge between our universe and the digital universe, creating a mixed ambience in real time where the differentiation between these two realities is reduced. In this exhibition, this is brought about by using an iPhone, headsets and the software that is available on the Apple app store.”

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