Apparatjik World

Apparatjik World is a new hybrid album/app/magazine (iPad) from Apparatjik, an electronic act formed in 2008 by musicians from Mew, A-ha and Coldplay. The app is quite rich in content and design—more in-depth and well-rounded than most any other album/app we’ve covered so far. There’s no shortage of experimental design, art, video, sounds, interactive elements, photography, typography and collage. It’s terrifically dense, and fun to explore. I probably could have spent another week swiping through the app’s pages, but I would still feel as though I had just scratched the surface. AW comes complete with the band’s most recent album, A Square Peg in a Round Hole, but I almost feel the music is secondary to the abstract digital world that the band has crafted to deliver their music. Apparatjik World is, in fact, a new virtual planet—full of sights and sounds that result in quite a trip.

The iPad app was designed by London’s Aspire Design Studios and is completely free.

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