return of the turntable

The resurgence of vinyl has apparently spawned a deep interest in reviving the mechanized machines that used to turn and play the discs. RokRiot recently profiled an account of the turntable’s return via Soundmachines, but we have since come across two other record players—one which reaches 33 RPMs by hand, and the other—it plays wood. Yeah, we’re talking cross-sections of trees here. Both are equally interesting, but the “YEARS” wood disc player stands out, as it translates a tree’s age rings into music. YEARS was conceived by artist Bartholomäus Traubeck who modified a PlayStation eye camera to read the thickness and darkness of tree rings. The rings’ details are then fed into a computer where their parameters are converted into sounds from a piano.

Read up on YEARS here. To discover more on the human powered gramophone and its creator, Livia Ritthaler, click here.

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