new Icarus album – in 1,000 different ways

Electronic act, Icarus, have created an album that will sound (and look) different for each purchaser. Icarus’ newly released Fake Fish Distribution manipulates a musical composition through generative software that alters the album for each customer—even the cover art changes from purchase to purchase. The album is being sold as a limited edition release, with only 1,000 copies available for download, and what’s really setting this concept apart is that, as a purchaser you retain certain rights to your copy of the album, so as a “Fake Fish Distribution” owner, you have the right to collect 50% of the royalties should the music from your personal copy ever be licensed. That’s quite a bonus. Icarus is the songwriting and coding team of software engineers Ollie Brown and Sam Britton, and it seems they are ushering in a new way to experience music as well as a future business model for the recording industry. I think bookmarking their site for future reference may be a damn good idea.

Much more to read and hear, including interviews, over at Create Digital Music.

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