George Harrison axe app

While George Harrison will never go down in history for rippin’ guitar solos, he will always be remembered as an excellent songwriter and guitarist. In fact, he loved playing guitar so much that during his lifetime, he amassed a collection of axes (I’m quite positive John and George referred to their guitars as “axes” – google it) that deserve their own museum. And now, thanks to the iPad, Harrison’s guitar collection has that museum (albeit digital), and it will allow anyone to peruse and enjoy all of his axe artifacts.

As seen in the demo above, the app (titled, “The Guitar Collection: George Harrison”—I would have gone with “George Harrison’s Flaming Axe Attack”) has some stunning UI design and attention to detail. The 360 functionality won me over immediately. The app was developed and built by Bandwidth Publishing and will be released February 23rd for $9.99.

More from the New York Times.

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