tastes like KISS

You may not know that novelty gift manufacturers, KISS, also have a band of the same name. It’s true. But let’s stay focused. KISS corp. will soon be releasing two new branded products sure to be enjoyed by fans – beer and wine. KISS’ Zin Fire Wine “…is a bold and fruity 2010 California Zinfandel—the result of a cool, long growing season that promoted fantastic flavor, acidity, and color. A brazen blend of blackberry and pepper gives the vintage a hard-rocking kick and spicy smooth finish.” and then there’s KISS’ Destroyer Beer – “an easy-to-drink beer in the best German tradition. A careful brewing process creates its great head of foam and a balanced flavor, like an original “Pils.” The brew will come in both a 33 cl (11.2 oz) bottle and 50 cl (16.9 oz) can.” Both products are currently only available in Europe. If only they had spent as much time on the packaging as they did the press release descriptions.

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