Arcade Fire’s interactive Sprawl II

Arcade Fire and “web-friendly” director, Vincent Morriset have released a very fun interactive video for the single, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). Above is one of several video invitations created by the band to promote the music video, the giant heads and poolside dancing work well to give you a taste of the unique adventure that awaits you.

To fully experience the interactive Sprawl II, all you need to do is summon a webcam along with a bit of energy, and head over to There, you can either watch the video passively, or select the interactive option, which will then activate your webcam and allow you to control the pace of the video with your movements. Move quickly, and so will the characters in the video. Slow your movements down, and the video’s pace will do the same. I found the interactive version to be quite engaging, as it’s sensitive to much of your movement, and visually, the video really stands out with performers masked in urban facepaint and dancing with abstract abandon—plenty of what you would expect from a band like Arcade Fire.

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