Raging Bastard recommends: Alcoholic’s Hymn

You’ve now heard of Raging Bastard, correct? No? Oh. Well, click here for a Bastard primer. For those of you all too familiar with our monthly guest columnist, Raging has come across a true gem for December—at least that’s what he slurred to the cleaning staff before passing out at his desk last night. We opened the RÖKBRAND editorial offices this morning to find RB passed out—apparently victim to his own research for this post—without a single word written, so we’ve had to go ahead and write this ourselves. Believe me, you’ll thank us later.

Koudlam is a French songwriter/composer, originally from the Ivory Coast, and earlier this year, he released the Alcoholic’s Hymns EP. The video for the single from the EP, “Alcoholic’s Hymn,” combines Koudlam’s electronic music with footage from an underground 1962 film entitled, Mondo Cane. Directed by Italian filmmakers, Mondo Cane is a voyeuristic documentary that captures drunk Europeans dancing, stumbling, molesting, and fighting—it was THE film that helped establish the “mondo” genre, a genre characterized by the filming of shocking or sensational real-world events (think Faces of Death). Mondo Cane is a fascinating look into the behaviors of completely intoxicated adults, and the results are predictably horrific. The Mondo visuals here give the song a strength and meaning that probably wouldn’t be implied otherwise. A testament to the power of visuals and music.

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