ROKBRAND launches (and a giveaway)

Today, I’m proud to announce the first line of RÖKBRAND tees, available through This apparel project has been several months in the making, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve incorporated several details into the presentation of the tees, including custom collar labels as well as hand-cut hangtags from vintage album covers. The goal here is to develop a line of shirts inspired by the music and musicians I come across every day. I want the brand to reflect my passion for all things relating to music and design.

Now what would be a product launch without a giveaway—no, TWO giveaways—one here on the blog (starting RIGHT NOW) and another that will be run through the RÖKBRAND Facebook page (early January, 2012).

So what can you win right now? Any one of our three designs. A total of three (3) winners will be contacted on Wednesday, December 14th.

How do you enter to win? Do one of three things: 1) comment on a RB post from the past seven days, or 2) jump on Twitter and tweet the following: “Yes @kvdesignshop, I’d like a chance to win a free tee from” or 3) head over to the RÖKBRAND Facebook page and click the “Like” button.

See how easy that is? Good luck to you.

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