meet Raging Bastard

In the grand band mascot tradition of Iron Maiden’s Eddie, Gorillaz’ virtual crew (2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel) and Radiohead’s bear, RÖKBRAND has (very reluctantly) adopted its own mascot. Please welcome Raging Bastard. No one is really certain as to Mr. Bastard’s origins, race or sexuality and that’s the way RB demands it. From what we do know, Raging enjoys fine wine, long walks on the beach, violently imparting his musical knowledge, and unleashing expletive-ridden tirades on the state of graphic design. We couldn’t think of a better alter-ego to represent us, so we’ve decided to take advantage of Raging Bastard’s “strengths” and allow him/her/it to angrily curate one post per month. What’s to expect? We shudder to think . . .


One response to “meet Raging Bastard”

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