The Devil Wears Prada slay zombies

On the heels of their latest album, ‘Dead Throne’, metalcore masters, The Devil Wears Prada, have just released a mobile game entitled, Zombie Slay. For $1.99, fans can grab any number of deadly weapons, and attempt to rid the virtual world of those who have risen once again – all while being entertained by the five tracks from the band’s 2010 ‘Zombie EP’ (see the connection there – synergy!) The EP originally came with its own zombie comic – opening the door for zombie-themed products that expand on the theme
from the original EP.

TDWP lead singer, Mike Hranica states: “When we had the idea to write songs based on Zombie chaos, one of the enticing side effects was being able to do cool stuff outside of the EP itself. We’ve always liked the idea of offering our fans something really unique. We’re all a bunch of Apple nerds and we spend a lot of down time on tour playing with games and apps. If TDWP fans want what we want with this kind of thing, then they should love ‘Zombie Slay’.”

Makes sense to me. Looking forward to more TDWP zombieness in the future . . .

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