Sigur Ros’ clothing giveaway

The mysterious video above was originally released earlier this month by Sigur Ros
in order to promote the November 7th release of their new live album, INNI. The
video depicts a number of shadowy figures slowly cutting and ironing clothes – (I
just saved you from sitting through it) – but for what? Apparently, for the fans. The
clothes being cut in this video are from the band members themselves, and they
have decided to include swatches from their wardrobe as part of their “limited
edition special” INNI package, which also includes blu-ray, dvd and vinyl copies
of the concert as well as 4 photographic prints, light-sensitive paper and an enamel
badge. From what I can tell, the band doesn’t typically strut around stage in camo wife-beaters and gym shorts (hmmm, wouldn’t that make for a funny parody video),
they actually have quite a stage presence in both performance and costumes – so,
for the extra $$$, and the bigger Sigur Ros fans, the swatches will be a cool collectible.

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