MASTODON enter another reality

“You can’t just put out an album with songs on it anymore.” – Brann Dailor, Drummer, Mastodon. Brilliantly stated. Anyone can put out a CD, but what will make your CD
CD? Rethinking how fans interact with albums other than simply listening to them
is the way in which clever brands are built. For their impending release, The Hunter (out tomorrow!), Mastodon have chosen to utilize augmented reality technology to give owners of their new album the ability to become the psychedelic creature pictured on the cover.

Depending on which version of the physical release you purchase, you’ll experience A.J. Fosik’s garish goat head shake and expel smoke – all while you control the creature’s movements through your webcam. In an excellent article over at Fast Company, you can read more about The Hunter’s AR technology and learn about Mastodon’s passion for album art as well as their desire to engage fans on a whole new level.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, Mastodon currently has The Hunter streaming on YouTube (and it’s really good).

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