Neon Indian deluxe pre-order

Digital musicians Neon Indian are about to release their latest album, Era Extraña, on September 13th, and to prepare, the band has made available several pre-order options
on their website, including one with an analog synthesizer. The PAL 198X synthesizer is,
in the words of its master, “…a triple triangle-wave oscillator noisemaking device with interchangeable controls for maximal sonic contortion.” I like the sound of that – “sonic contortion.” The synth can be purchased as part of the Era Extraña Deluxe package, which is currently selling for $49.99. I can’t recall another artist ever including a synthesizer as part of their album offerings – this is a first – and a really cool one at that.

More info over at Pitchfork.


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  1. Well, it’s not the first one. At least a release by the artist Moldover comes to mind … it was available in different formats – the most amazing one you can see in the video on top of this webpage: The artwork is implemented in the circuit board itself! Here’s a nice big picture of it: The back looks also pretty impressive – presenting the whole tracklisting in circuit board style…

    With regards to the neo indian deluxe release… looks like it is only available to customers outside of the EU. However, at least we EU folks can get the synth in combination with a CD or LP – minus all the other jazz.

    (Enjoyable blog of yours!)

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