While She Sleeps tour film

Part skate video, part Jackass, part Vans commercial and part documentary, this tour video entitled, 20 Days of Sleeps, by British metal band, While She Sleeps, is more entertaining than many films I’ve seen. There’s plenty of footage of these guys running around (after their van has run out of gas) and hanging out when they’re not performing live, but it’s been so well shot and edited that much of the insanity could pass for an indie film with plot and clever subtext. The visuals (which include some interesting illustrations not typically associated with the musical genre) are paired with a soundtrack that is very un-WSS – allowing you focus more on the band’s personality rather than their music – in fact, I don’t think any of While She Sleeps’ songs are utilized other than when there’s footage of the band performing live (which looks amazing). It’s always refreshing to see bands go out of their way to reinvent the traditional tour doc – it’s time for a new spin on
a very tired promotional tool and I think “20 Days” takes it in a very refreshing direction.

If you’re like me, you’ll want see more from the guy who shot this thing and thanks to the world-wide interwebs, you’re just a click away from the portfolio of  Thomas Welsh,
a Edinburgh-based designer/videographer who is responsible for the doc and some really cool web design.

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