Mastodon album art

I’ve always admired Mastodon for their wildly imaginative album covers and visually arresting music videos. I believe it all started for me with the band’s liberal use of
raging clowns for their “Blood and Thunder” music video. I’ve been captivated with Mastodon’s uncomfortably dark persona ever since. Yesterday, the band revealed
the album art for their forthcoming release, The Hunter, which immediately struck
a chord with me due to its similarities to the art which appears on Judas Priest’s
1984 album, Defenders of the Faith. Both covers feature a creature that is a unique
hybrid of illustration and design – something both structural and character-driven.
I guess then, it makes total sense that Mastodon’s crazy-ass deer was conceived by
sculptor AJ Fosik who has an illustration background, but produces breathtaking
figural art.

Not sure who is responsible for the new Mastodon logotype, but it looks mighty fine.


3 responses to “Mastodon album art”

  1. Man keep up the amazing work you’re doing on this site! I can imagine the amount of work and dedication it needs to keep such a site alive and so fresh. You managed to combine 2 of my passions into one great website. This site helps me stay inspired as well as up to date with what’s going on in the music business. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for the post and kind words. It made my week. Great to know there are others who share my passion.

  2. […] on which version of the physical release you purchase, you’ll experience A.J. Fosik’s garish goat head shake and expel smoke – all while you control the creature’s movements […]

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