RUIN packaging

Berlin-based design shop, Zwolf, (whom we’ve mentioned before), is again pushing the boundaries of hand-made (or hand-destroyed, it seems) packaging with the new album from experimental metal group, RUIN. Combining a variety of less than savory elements – machine oil, blood, aspirin, fat, ground bones (just to name a few) – the design team at Zwolf has created a layered pack of 12 printed cards that accompany the RUIN CD and amplify its dark, gritty and morose musical stylings. I can only imagine this is one of
the few releases to also offer a rather unique scent – definitely a step above what you’ll experience downloading the album digitally. Great concept and execution here – I
always enjoy reading about those who push the limits of print production.

2 responses to “RUIN packaging”

  1. wow. cool concept…i’ll have to go check this one out.

  2. This is pretty neat! I’m definitely going to browse more of Zwolf’s work.

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