How to Feed a Foo Fighter

The Foo Fighters are a fun band. For proof, check out any number of the band’s tongue-n-cheek music videos. It then comes as no surprise that the band’s management
has decided to poke some fun at the music industry’s infamous rider requirements –
the food and service demands that bands typically place upon the venues they play.
The band’s 52-page “Tour 2011” rider document is brilliant because it further extends the fun, humorous nature of the band and its brand. It’s an innovative extension of Dave Grohl’s laid back personality and an excellent way to mock a business that should never take itself too seriously.

If you like what you see above, there’s much more rider hijinks over at The Smoking Gun.


One response to “How to Feed a Foo Fighter”

  1. this is hilarious . i like the ice cubes .

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