Deadmau5 and Talenthouse

I came across a real interesting intersection of music fan and music brand today through
a contest that DJ Deadmau5 is holding via Deadmau5 is a Toronto- based electro/house producer named Joel Zimmerman who is famous for performing while wearing a costume mouse head.

Talenthouse has created quite a unique service – the company “…embraces artists at every level of their career, as well as all supporters of the arts. Attracted by the potential for discovering, collaborating with and mentoring emerging talent, many global brands and acclaimed industry icons are involved with Talenthouse by hosting Creative Invites. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context.” Hmmm.

Deadmau5′ Creative Invite is asking for fans to re-design his mouse head, so any artist, designer or illustrator is allowed to submit ideas. Following a July 12th deadline, Deadmau5 will select his five favorites and award the finalists a variety of VIP passes for his LA show. If mouse heads aren’t your thing, Talenthouse has a variety of other music- oriented invitations open, including photography assignments for Soundgarden and
a songwriting opportunity with the band, Kinky.

I get the sense that some of the invites on Talenthouse are simply a way for well- established businesses to get people to work for (almost) free (see many of the non-music posts), but I feel there are some genuine opportunities, especially when it comes to the music-related invitations. I mean, I would actually PAY Soundgarden for the opportunity to run around their stage and take photos, so I guess it depends on how dedicated you are to the band (or brand) holding the contest. Because opportunities are rare for the average person to meet or work with famous musicians, it’s really cool when bands such as Soundgarden and Queen reach out to their fans and give them a chance to interact on
a creative level.

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