Oh Land website

Oh Land is actually Danish singer, Nanna Oland Fabricius. Clever. Raised by an organist and an opera singer, I think it was just a matter of time before Ms. Fabricius climbed on stage and began a recording career. Her website was designed by Swedish design firm, Lundgren + Lindqvist, who approached the site design in a very modular way, based upon her genre of music:

“Inspired by the look and feel of the drum machines and synthesizers used in Oh Land’s music we designed the site on a grid made up of squares. The content is placed at random, each time a new section of the site is opened, with the different modules always staying within the grid. The number of modules displayed is determined by the size of the visitor’s browser, to make sure each user has the best experience possible. This organic approach along with the minimalistic interface made sure that no part of the constantly changing video background would always be covered.”

Ohlandmusic.com does an excellent job of reflecting the electronic music style with
a digital/pixelated look that delivers a very futuristic feel. Inspiring process and design.

More background info on the site’s genesis here.

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