Simone Rubi and design blog, Imprint, have posted an excellent case study of graphic designer Simone Rubi and her design process for Feist’s 2007 album, The Reminder. Simone, a designer and musician herself, was flown to Paris to collaborate with Feist
and photographer Mary Rozzi, and together, they researched, experimented and conceptualized ideas in a very organic fashion, allowing concepts to flow through
a mural that Simone created on the wall of Feist’s apartment. Pretty cool insights here
on one designer’s process. It’s always interesting to discover how other designers
work, and the creative nature of Simone’s process is one to be admired, as it resulted
in a fitting reflection of Feist and her art.

The article goes on to discuss some of Simone’s other work, including some very interesting credit and poster designs for the documentary, “Look At What the
Light Did Now
,” which examines the collaborative process that Feist enlisted to
create and record The Reminder.

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