RockBrand’s average daily page views jumped last week. Was it due to the escalating popularity my poorly composed and grammatically incorrect blog entries? Nope. Perhaps a rabid appetite for puzzle websites led to a sudden meteoric rise in RockBrand’s Google search rankings. Pffffft. After checking my “Referrers,” I found that I was on the receiving end of a kindly-worded review by Graphic Designer and Metal music fan Stefan over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy. You need to see what Stefan is doing, not only for the world of Metal, but for Graphic Design in general. Stefan has created Helveticore to “…review album covers, intelligently discuss the pros and cons of scratchy band logos, dissect the typography of gig posters and harshly criticize anything that offends my aesthetic sensibilities.” So, OK, what may offend Stefan may not offend us all, but what’s really cool is that he’s discussing design in-depth, and with an intelligent point of view. It’s another great resource for those looking to learn more about how a band builds a brand. And the name, Helveticore, is just brilliant. Good to know that other graphic designers out there share the same passion as I do.

Above are samples from one of Helveticore’s recent posts – a great examination of “scratchy band logos” – hallmarks of the metal/hardcore/hard rock genres. Now go
learn something.

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