Danger Mouse interactive 3D music video

Producer and songwriter Danger Mouse is most familiar to me through his partnership with The Shins’ James Mercer – a band known as Broken Bells. You may be familiar with a few of his other projects: the infamous Grey Album and Gnarls Barkley. Danger Mouse’s new album, Rome, has spawned the above music video for “3 Dreams of Black” which is the result of a collaboration with director Chris Milk (the creative mind behind Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown video) and Google.

Utilizing programming technology to create 3D environments, the video allows you to control your POV and even create your own characters – apparently there are also “Easter eggs” to be discovered that will allow you to dive deeper into the video’s digital realm. Once you arrive on the video’s site, it will ask you to use/download Google Chrome to view the video as the creators have intended. I went ahead and downloaded the browser, and I must say it’s worth it. I haven’t had the chance to create a character or explore the hidden extras, but I think that visually, it’s unlike any other music video I’ve experienced.


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  1. […] the official site and then view it with Chrome, but if you remember from The Wilderness Downtown or 3 Dreams of Black, it’s worth installing the browser and taking a few minutes to download the video. OK Go […]

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