Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

This hybrid app/game/EP is innovative in every way possible, beginning with the press release description: “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use
a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate
with friends via Twitter, experience a videogame world that is affected by moon phases
& help a wandering warrior monk complete her woeful errand.” Whoa.

It’s not often that I’m compelled to buy the apps I mention on RB, but Sword and Sworcery is so completely different than anything else I’ve seen that I had to see what the overwhelmingly positive reviews were about. The pixelated graphics feel other-worldly, despite their crude appearance – you don’t mind the retro (and sometimes distorted) feel because the gameplay is much more mature than that. The electronic-style music/ soundtrack works really well with the visuals here, making whole the digital realm in which you exist.

Not having but an hour or so to really dive into Sword and Sworcery prior to typing up this post, I’m certain there’s a lot I’m still missing – the social media elements, the story,
the characters – there’s so much here to explore. A beautiful mix of music, gaming and marketing. Really inspiring.

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