Kraftwerk app

German electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk, have been around since the 1970’s, but
they now embrace the new millennium through the release of their first app, Kling
Klang Machine No 1. Above is a video walk-through of the minimalist application that
was co-developed by an audio artist/project called Norman Fairbanks. The app features
an “interactive 24hr music generator” which sounds like a great way to piss off your roommates. But on the more practical and compelling side, the app allows the user to create music and sound based upon his or her location. Sounds very cool. Makes me wonder what it would sound like if I were to take it on a joy ride with Snoop through
tha LBC. If any of you want to part with the $8.99 to check this thing out, please record your first-hand review in the comments below.

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