Flaming Lips’ mobile mix

“The Flaming Lips’ new single is a YouTube symphony that requires 12 smartphones to be properly heard.

Released on Valentine’s Day, the audio tracks that make up “Two Blobs Fucking” are spread across a dozen different YouTube videos. Each of the 220-second clips must be played in sync to create the complete tune — a concept riffing on the Oklahoma band’s previous interactive works “Parking Lot Experiments” and “Boom Box Experiments.” The Lips’ 1997 album, Zaireeka, spread song components across four discs for four stereos.

Whereas the band’s previous interactive symphonies called upon listeners to sync tracks on car stereos, boomboxes and home systems to create glorious melodies of noise, rock and art, ‘Two Blobs Fucking’ is a digital affair for iPhones and Androids.”

More backstory from Wired. Find all of the YouTube clips here.

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