Jay Z’s Decoded app

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, Decoded is a collection of music, interactive lyrics and never-before-seen video that (based upon the iTunes description) “. . . tell the story
of a culture, an art form, a movement in history . . .” Decoded appears to be an admirable attempt to understand the creative process behind one of the world’s most popular hip
hop artists. The app serves as a digital extension of Jay Z’s book of the same name.

Two versions exist – Standard and Full. The Standard version runs $9.99 and allows you
to select ten Jay Z tracks to be “decoded” or analyzed through Jay Z’s notes, lyrics, annotations and even a few excerpts from the Decoded tome. The Full version can be unlocked through the app via a $24.99 fee and will give you the full text found in the Decoded book as well as additional tracks, stories and video.

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