Linkin Park apps

Coinciding with the release of Linkin Park’s fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns, the band has released three new apps: Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! iPad Edition, Linkin Park and Linkin Park Revenge. Through these apps, you can live and interact within the world of Linkin Park, stay updated on album releases and tour dates and play a Guitar-Hero- style target tapping game that features all of Linkin Park’s greatest hits.

These applications seem to be a fitting extension of the Linkin Park identity as the band has been known to embrace the digital world through music samples and electronic beats. The apps also reflect a visual style consistent with the band, incorporating everything from fan illustrations, band photos and vibrant album imagery that was originally created by LP’s Mike Shinoda. The embracing of technology continues through 8-bit Rebellion as it allows for players to connect through social media portals like Facebook and Twitter.

I like the consistency of the apps overall. It’s great to see the album artwork repurposed
for use within the games as this allows for the band’s visual style to appear throughout all of the LP mobile products. They’re a fun group of apps that do a good job of building upon the Linkin Park image.

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