Goldfrapp app

I believe as RockBrand continues, I’ll become more and more of an app reviewer – not by choice, but by necessity. It’s a foregone conclusion that mobile applications will soon become a standard tool utilized by bands to maintain and expand their connection with fans. Goldfrapp has entered the app game, with, well, a game. Goldfrapp Pinball is
“…a 3D pinball game which allows you to remix Goldfrapp’s music as you play. The app features samples from Goldfrapp’s album, ‘Head First’.”

It’s free, so I had to give it a shot. My sixteen-word summary: it’s a rudimentary pinball game that is generally more entertaining to listen to than to play. The graphics are quite basic and the gameplay gets boring quickly. The audio samples you trigger during gameplay sound great (it is Goldfrapp), but I could see their constant repetition during a marathon pinball session eventually driving me mad.

I have to give Goldfrapp credit though, the graphic look of the game ties in well their latest cover art which helps reinforce the dreamlike and ethereal nature of Goldfrapp’s music. I think because it gives off more of a fun/fantasy vibe, it also relates well to the artist’s personality. If the graphics were more thought-out, and the prizes more valuable (say the ability to unlock unreleased tracks, win a t-shirt or earn enough points for a backstage pass to meet the band), then I think I’d be willing to pay for this app and would feel like playing it a lot more.

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