Arcade Fire HTML interactive

I profiled Arcade Fire’s use of technology once before on RockBrand when they developed a way to make album art and liner notes relative once again. And now the band has taken technology a giant step further by joining forces with Google and launching a beautifully orchestrated web-browser-slash-music-video-HTML-on-crack experience entitled, “The Wilderness Downtown.” The web experience incorporates the power of Google Maps to personalize each viewer’s visit and turn the music video into a custom short film that is compelling to watch, engaging in its interactive elements and, most importantly, unique to each viewer.

Having taken the time to view The Wilderness Downtown myself, I have to say it’s amazing, and it is going to redefine how we interact with music videos online. Gone are the days of passively watching YouTube streams. It’s now possible to personalize the music video.  This Google experiment makes the link between bands and the ultimate brand: you.

More details can be found here.


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